Trail MTB Enduro Enduro - COUSTETE
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The joys of gravity mountain biking must remain accessible to all, whatever the level of practice. Also, we offer several circuits that are fully accessible because they take portions of wide paths and without technical difficulties. On this circuit, a variant of the Family circuit, you will be able to discover new points of view on the Louron valley, Lake Génos-Loudenvielle and the Pyrenees chain. A short ascent will allow you to switch to the Mont slope then join the Moulor Tower before descending on the Lake.

Col NoviceSummer Pastures Clear View
The characteristics of the route.
Germ (65)
  • Distance 8.2 km
  • Elevation gain 40 m
  • Elevation lost 670 m
  • Min. elevation 940 m
  • Max. elevation. 1574 m
To access the departure located in the parking lot of the altiport, you can take the SKYVALL gondola. This track, although very easy, is top-down. Make sure you have a bicycle in good working order, especially when it comes to braking.
Area : Peyragudes
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The 2022/08/27
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