Enduro MTB Trail - PLAYSTROU
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Starting from the Pénaube ridge, you first cross the summer pastures overlooking the Louron valley and the Génos-Loudenvielle lake. You then enter a beautiful forest of conifers that you cross on wide paths, never too technical. The arrival is above the village of Génos that you cross to reach the edges of the lake and return to Loudenvielle.

From Loudenvielle, climb towards the Col d'Azet from where you will follow the K link, along the Pénaube ridges.

Col Summer Pastures ForestClear ViewSoil
The characteristics of the route.
Génos (65)
  • Distance 5.2 km
  • Elevation gain 10 m
  • Elevation lost 750 m
  • Min. elevation 979 m
  • Max. elevation. 1720 m
  • Marking Liaison K

This trail does not present any particular technical difficulty, and was classified blue mainly by its length. However, the landscapes crossed are magical and offer unspoiled nature in old forests. Ideal in summer for freshness.

Area : Val Louron
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