Gravel Road n°13 - The two Valley
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Please be aware of the weather conditions and the possible presence of snow and ice during the winter.
Route opened

Between the Aure and Louron valleys, this route guarantees a variety of landscapes and terrains of great richness. On this loop, the beauty of the landscapes is equal to the physical challenge!

Col ForestGravel Clear View
The characteristics of the route.
Loudenvielle (65)
  • Distance 87.6 km
  • Elevation gain 2770 m
  • Elevation lost 2780 m
  • Min. elevation 713 m
  • Max. elevation. 1427 m
  • Marking GPX track only

From Loudenvielle, the Louron forest road climbs to make you switch to the Vallée d'Aure. From a beautiful road in balcony, there is a magnificent view on all the Valley and all its summits.

Then, the route goes down to the bottom of the Aure Valley to go up through the Louron Valley, through its preserved forests and the sides of the Neste river.

A complete route, as much by its landscapes as by the routes taken: contemplation meets physical challenge. 

Area : Loudenvielle
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