Gravel Road 14 - Gravel'In Louron
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Please be aware of the weather conditions and the possible presence of snow and ice during the winter.
Route opened

This route is quite short but with a great vertical drop : perfect to discover the Louron Valley !

ForestGravel Clear ViewHeritage
The characteristics of the route.
Loudenvielle (65)
  • Distance 24.7 km
  • Elevation gain 820 m
  • Elevation lost 820 m
  • Min. elevation 897 m
  • Max. elevation. 1550 m
  • Marking GPX seulement

From Loudenvielle, you first follow the side of the Neste river on a track suitable for gravel.

From Avajan, you go up to Cazaux Dessus to reach the beautiful forest of Balancous.

From there, you come back to the Louron Valley on a path overlooking it. This dirt road is a little bit narrower and offers you magnificent views on the summits!

Finally, the descent to Loudenvielle is done by the beautiful path of the Tour du Moulor.

All in all, this circuit offers different interesting surfaces for a complete and contemplative Gravel outing.

Area : Loudenvielle
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